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Hills Machinery helps maximize uptime for customers with same day parts delivery and on-site service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians undergo extensive training and are certified for any equipment they service. They routinely troubleshoot a situation to identify problems and quickly offer solutions to enhance your equipment’s performance.

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    Service List

    • Trained, certified technicians provide field service 24/7
    • Service trucks are equipped with the latest repair and diagnostic tools

    When one of your machines is down, you can count on us to come to your job site to repair your equipment as quickly as possible. We understand that you might have a problem on a weekend or evening, and our technicians are available whenever you need us. With seven locations in North and South Carolina, Hills Machinery technicians can quickly respond to your emergency and help you reduce costly downtime.

    • Hills Machinery’s technicians are factory trained and certified 
    • CASE provides specialized training for their equipment
    • MSHA certified technicians also employed
    Our Technicians are Factory Trained

    Hills Machinery has extensive training requirements to certify technicians and assure that they are properly equipped to service your machines. Our technicians attend classes at CASE's technical training center in Racine, WI at least twice each year to learn any new diagnostic and service techniques and to understand any changes in manuals or equipment requirements for CASE machines. Hills Machinery also employs MSHA certified technicians. They continually remain up to date with all requirements for safety in mining. Our technicians are trained in equipment operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Hills Machinery combines classroom training with on-the-job experience for a thorough understanding of machine maintenance and repair. Safety regulations and procedures are emphasized throughout the training process.

    Operator Training

    Hills Machinery offers hands-on operator training on site at your location to help assure your equipment is operated properly. When your operators are properly trained, they understand exactly how to run the machines and what the equipment is capable of doing. This knowledge avoids costly mistakes that are common when operators assume a machine can perform a task that it may not have been designed to do. Maintenance routines are also provided. Equipment that is cared for properly operates more efficiently and lasts longer. New equipment often has new capabilities. Operator training assures that they understand all of the bells and whistles on a new machine to maximize its capabilities.

    • Credit lines for day-to-day purchases
    • Financing options for new or used equipment—any make, any model
    CNH Credit Line

    Do you have a CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus Account?
    It’s a great way to establish a dedicated credit line for parts, service, rental and accessory purchases at Hills Machinery.

    • No interest charged when you pay the balance in full each month
    • No annual fee
    • Minimum grace period of 25 days
    • Flexible repayment terms
    • Special promotions
    • Easy to read monthly statements

    Download CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus Account Application
    Download CASE Equipment Credit Application

    Equipment Financing & Leasing

    When you’re ready to finance or lease your equipment purchase, call us to discuss your options. We can provide lending sources for both financing and leasing, either new or used equipment.

    Financial Solutions

    Any Make or Type of Equipment

    In addition to financing CASE equipment, Hills Machinery actively works with many commercial lenders to provide financial solutions to meet your specific needs. Hills Machinery provides financing for new and used equipment.

    Consider remanufactured components and total machine rebuilds when you’re looking for incredible value. Our state-of-the-art facility in Columbia, South Carolina is equipped to remanufacture and rebuild engines, power transmissions, hydraulic components and more.

    Industrial and Construction Equipment
    Anything from Component Rebuild/Remanufacture to Total Machine Overhauls
    • Any brand, any model
    • Factory trained technicians
    • Components rebuilt to OEM specifications with same as new warranty
    • Field service with our mobile service fleet
    • Huge savings over buying new
    Mechanical Components
    • Axles
    • Final Drives
    • Differentials
    • Gear Boxes
    • Idler Assemblies
    • Wet Brakes
    • Drop Boxes
    • Gear Reducer Assemblies
    • Complete engine rebuilds
    • Engine head rebuilds
    Power Transmissions
    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Gen Sets
    • Alternators
    • Control Systems
    • Wheel Groups
    Hydraulic Services
    • Cylinders and Suspensions
    • Pumps and Motors
    • Valves
    • Major Overhaul
    • Minor Repair
    • A/C System Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Testing in the field
    • Failure Analysis
    • Component Upgrade
    • Application Analysis
    • Machine Work
    • Inframe Rebuilds
    • Out of Frame Kit Jobs
    • Evaluation and Inspection
    Facilities and Equipment
    • Full service mechanical shop
    • Machine and welding shop
    What is a Machine Protection Plan?

    A Machine Protection Plan extends your CASE warranty beyond the period that comes with your equipment. It includes all the genuine CASE parts and the service performed by factory trained CASE technicians that your original warranty covers.

    Why Buy a Machine Protection Plan?
    • It protects you against the expense of unexpected repairs.
    • Resale value is higher, because the plan can be transferred to the new owner.
    What Equipment is Eligible?

    Add your Machine Protection Plan to your financing when you purchase new equipment. You can purchase your Machine Protection Plan any time during the warranty period at standard new equipment rates. You can even add Machine Protection Plans up to four months after the base warranty expires. New equipment plans can be transferred to a new owner, and can boost its resale value.

    Payment Options

    Finance It—Payments can be financed through CNH Capital retail installment contracts.
    Charge It—Charge your Machine Protection Plan to your CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus Account. Ask about a credit line increase to accommodate your payments.
    Lease It—Add a Machine Protection Plan to your lease agreement.

    Special Rates

    Discounts are available on CASE Machine Protection Plans when bundled together with CASE Care Preventative Maintenance Agreements. Ask if your equipment qualifies.

    *A surcharge is added to the new equipment rate once the warranty period expires, and failures that occur within the first 30 days after registration are not eligible for reimbursements. Eligible repairs within the first 30 days after registration are reimbursed at 50% of the normal retail cost for parts and labor.

    Filters for Any Application

    Over 7,000 products are available

    Excellent Warranty

    The warranty for Luber-Finer Filters provides universal coverage, including both parts and labor, and the warranty is not prorated.

    Excellent Quality

    Luber-Finer is dedicated to cutting edge technology and excellent quality in its filter systems. Luber-Finer Filters is owned by Champion Laboratories, Inc., a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes filters and PCV valves. A major supplier for OEM’s, Luber-Finer filters always meet or exceed specifications

    Quick and Easy Filter Changes

    Change your filters in just five minutes with Luber-Finer’s quick and easy systems. Plus, Luber-Finer’s treatments and products are designed to minimize cost and maximize efficiency with regular inspection

    • Locate your equipment any time, monitor actual machine hours of operation and unauthorized use
    • Reduce costs and increase productivity with maintenance notifications and alerts for equipment problems
    • Save on repairs with remote troubleshooting for equipment problems
    GPS Fleet Management Systems

    GPS Fleet Management systems automatically collect and wirelessly transmit data about your equipment, so you can track its location at all times, monitor the hours of operation and capture machine utilization. All data can be accessed through the internet and integrated into your business systems. You can also allow outside parties to view data for your equipment.

    Automatic Maintenance

    Hills Machinery can take care of your maintenance needs automatically. We can even troubleshoot problems remotely, so we arrive at your job site with the parts and diagnostic equipment to repair your equipment faster, as long as you have given us access to your equipment data.

    Available Data
    • Machine locator
    • Machine hours
    • Machine utilization
    • Maintenance profiles and notifications
    • Customized management and maintenance reports
    • Set operation boundaries and receive violation reports
    • Set curfews and receive violation alerts
    Add a Fleet Management System to Almost Any Machine

    Recover your equipment in the event of theft, with LoJack.

    How LoJack Works

    1. Installation—The LoJack unit is hidden in your construction equipment and registered in the LoJack database.
    2. Notification—Report the theft to the police to activate the unit. Contact LoJack for additional assistance.
    3. Activation—Once your equipment is reported to the police as stolen, a radio signal is sent to the LoJack unit in your equipment. This unit emits a coded signal directly to police.
    4. Tracking—The LoJack Police Tracking Computer receives the unit’s signal and leads the police to your equipment.
    5. Recovery—Your construction equipment is recovered quickly to minimize downtime.

    Air Compressors, Articulated Trucks, Compact Track Loaders, Crawler Tractors/Dozers, Excavators, Generators, Motor Graders, Skid Steer Loaders, Tractor Loader/Backhoes, Wheel Loaders and more

    Analyzing system fluids provides a snapshot of internal conditions

    • Identify minor problems to avoid major failures.
    • Extend equipment life—Contaminant levels in fluids dictate when to replace filters.
    • Increase oil drain intervals—The condition of your oil indicates when oil changes are actually necessary.
    • Increase resale value—Systemgard records prove your equipment has been maintained.
    What is Fluid Analysis?

    In our fluid analysis program, fluids are taken from several areas in your equipment and are analyzed by qualified laboratories to determine levels of contaminants in the various fluids. The level of each contaminant is compared to normal wear rates, so that potential problems with components can be identified before failure. The trends for the contaminant levels in your equipment also provide valuable information on potential problems.
    The laboratories are ISO 17025 A2LA accredited, which is the highest level of quality certification for testing laboratories by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. You can be confident that the results are accurate, repeatable and backed by stringent laboratory standards.
    Hills Machinery monitors your fluid analyses. We will provide guidance on necessary repairs and filter and oil change intervals, based on the results for your equipment.

    Sampling Intervals

    Manufacturers recommend sampling intervals for each model. Also consider how critical each piece of equipment is to your production in determining sampling frequency. You may want to reduce the hours between sampling periods for equipment operating under more stressful conditions, such as those in a very hot, dirty environment, or machines used for short trips with heavy loads or those with excessive idle times.

    General Guidelines for Sampling Intervals
    Engines 250 hours or at manufacturer’s recommended change intervals
    Transmissions 250 hours or at manufacturer’s recommended change intervals
    Hydraulics 250 – 500 hours
    Differentials 750 hours
    Gearboxes 750 hours

    Purchasing your insurance through Hills Machinery provides several advantages: Financing is available; and Premiums can be financed on your CNH Industrial Capital retail contracts and lease agreements.

    Easy to Start—Forms are simple, and coverage can start right away.
    Guaranteed Premium—Your premiums will not change for the term of your retail contract or lease agreement.
    Independent Coverage—Claims made under this policy will not affect a customer’s premium for an existing policy.
    Prompt Claim Service—Hills understands the equipment business and offers quick service for claims through our insurance provider.
    Replacement Cost Basis—Lost or stolen equipment is valued at the full cost to repair or replace it with equipment of similar type and quality at the time of the loss or damage. Naturally, reimbursement cannot exceed the original purchase price or your actual repair or replacement costs.
    Physical Damage Insurance—When the unexpected occurs, you need to know that your equipment is protected. Hills Machinery offers Physical Damage Insurance (PDI), underwritten by a national insurance company, which provides comprehensive coverage to repair or replace your new or used equipment that is lost or damaged due to:

    • Collision
    • Overturn
    • Earthquake
    • Theft
    • Fire
    • Tornado
    • Flood
    • Vandalism
    • Hail
    • Wind
    • Ingestion of foreign objects
    • Vermin infestation

    The policy also covers:

    • Tires and tubes for the same perils as the rest of the equipment.
    • Up to $10,000 per year for clean-up or removal of pollutants caused by a covered peril.
    • Damage to equipment caused by a covered peril that follows a mechanical breakdown.

    Available for any brand, any model

    • In our shop or in the field
    • Chassis frames, metal work, attachments, and accessories

    From attachment fabrication or modification to structural repairs or specialized accessory manufacturing, Hills Machinery’s structurally certified welders and fabricators can complete any job to exact specifications, assuring that workmanship standards are top quality.

    • All buckets and loader/backhoe frames front and rear
    • Loader, backhoe, and excavator linkage assemblies
    • Skid steer and track loader frames and attachments
    • Dozer blades and track frame assemblies
    • Forklift masts and carriages
    • Motor grader blade components
    • Haul truck beds and bodies
    Specialty Accessories

    Manufactured for your particular application, including:

    • Cab guard structures and screens
    • Light covers and enclosures
    • Cab glass vandal guards
    • Custom buckets and attachments for every application
    Line Boring Services

    At our shop or in the field

    • Restore bushing, bore, and bearing points on all equipment to their original orientation and specifications
    • At a fraction of component replacement costs

    Emergency service available 24/7

    • Certified, trained technicians
    • Documented maintenance for warranty assurance
    • Any brand
    • On-site or in our shop
    On Time Inspections

    You can count on Hills Machinery to complete Scheduled Maintenance Inspections for your equipment to avoid downtime and keep your machines performing their best. Most equipment manufacturers require some sort of maintenance every 250 hours. We can verify service hours periodically to assure that we perform maintenance activities that meet warranty coverage requirements.

    Trained, Certified Technicians

    All machines are serviced by our trained, certified technicians, on-site or in our shops. And we don’t only service the equipment we sell—we can service any brand that’s in your fleet.

    Thorough Inspections

    Each type of equipment has a thorough inspection regimen that is strictly followed to insure that all appropriate equipment functions are inspected to identify any possible problems. Ask about Systemgard® oil analysis with each inspection to identify potential issues, based on the presence of metals and contaminants in the machine’s fluids.

    Custom Hydraulic Inspections

    Even the most experienced operators can’t detect hydraulic system efficiency loss until it reaches 16-20%. To protect against such losses, we recommend that machines depending on efficient hydraulic systems undergo a Custom Hydraulic Service inspection every 12 months or 2,000 hours. The service includes engine and hydraulic system performance tests, hydraulic oil sampling and a walkaround inspection. All results are compared against new machines to detect wear in your components and repair minor problems before a major failure occurs.

    Our Scheduled Maintenance Inspections are Available for the Following Equipment:

    Type of Equipment–# of Inspection Points

    • Articulated Trucks–78
    • Compaction Equipment–74
    • Crawler Tractors/Dozers–79
    • Excavators–70
    • Forklifts–79
    • Motor Graders–80
    • Skid Steers/Compact Track Loaders–41
    • Tractor/Backhoe Loaders–79
    • Telehandlers–79
    • Wheel Loaders–78
    • Trained, certified technicians provide field service 24/7
    • Service trucks are equipped with the latest repair and diagnostic tools
    Machine Maintenance On-Site

    Hills Machinery maintains a fleet of service trucks to provide on-site service for both repairs and routine maintenance. Our trained, certified technicians are dispatched to your job site to perform maintenance activities recommended by the equipment manufacturer at specified intervals. We can schedule these maintenance procedures when your machines are idle to optimize your equipment productivity.

    Remotely Monitor Equipment for Problems

    When a GPS Fleet Management System is installed in your equipment, Hills Machinery can remotely monitor your machines and let you know when we receive any alerts for operation problems. Sometimes we even spot a problem before your operator is aware of it. We can diagnose repairs through our systems and come prepared to your site with the proper parts and tools to minimize your downtime.

    One flat price to maintain your equipment

    What’s Included in Preventive Maintenance Packages?

    All maintenance procedures that are recommended in your machine operator’s manual are completed at the required intervals.

    Genuine OEM parts

    All parts are the same quality that originally came in your machine.

    Certified Technicians

    All services are completed by factory trained technicians.

    At Your Convenience

    When it’s time for your machine to be serviced, we’ll contact you to arrange a time and location that’s convenient for you.

    Why Purchase Preventive Maintenance Packages?
    Fixed Pricing

    Preventive Maintenance Packages eliminate price uncertainty. Prices are set before repairs begin, and there are no additional mileage charges.

    Reduced Hassle

    With Preventive Maintenance Packages, you don’t have the hassle of stocking replacement filters or lubricants. Our factory trained technician will come to you with the necessary parts so you can focus on the job at hand.

    Record of Repair

    All maintenance, repairs, and fluid analyses are documented to maintain warranty compliance and increase resale or trade-in value.

    How Long Are Preventive Maintenance Packages?

    You choose the term—up to 5 years or 5,000 hours.

    Payment Options
    Finance It

    Add your Preventive Maintenance Package payment to your financing package on your machine. There’s no increase in your down payment requirement.

    Charge It

    Charge your Preventive Maintenance Package agreement to your Hills Machinery Open Account or to your CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus Account for your current machines. Ask for details on any current offers. Ask about a credit line increase to accommodate your Preventive Maintenance Package agreements.

    Lease It

    Add Preventive Maintenance Packages to your lease agreement.

    Customize Your Preventive Maintenance Packages

    Add any of these features to your Preventive Maintenance Package for added protection.


    With the Systemgard lubrication analysis system, samples of fluids are taken periodically from key compartments of your machine. These fluids are analyzed to identify abnormal wear rates, contamination, leakage and other destructive conditions before major damage occurs.

    Fleet Management Communications System

    By monitoring your equipment remotely, Hills Machinery can schedule service at the necessary intervals. This system allows you to locate equipment, monitor utilization, and receive notifications about equipment whereabouts and unauthorized engine starts.

    We offer fast turnaround for light equipment, the latest repair and diagnostic equipment, and factory certified technicians

    • Engines and transmissions can be repaired or remanufactured
    • Hydraulic repairs are completed quickly, efficiently
    • Remanufactured pumps, motors and drive units are an economic alternative to buying new
    • Emissions retrofits to meet current emissions requirements

    Hills Machinery’s facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that provide accurate machine evaluations to pinpoint problems, whether they are with engines, drive trains, or hydraulic systems. Our shop staff is factory trained to correct equipment problems quickly and cost effectively which minimizes your downtime.

    Repair or Remanufacture

    Hills Machinery offers repairs on any components. When a replacement is necessary, remanufactured components are an economical alternative. All remanufactured components meet OEM standards and carry a warranty comparable to new component warranties.

    Light Equipment Repair Services

    Our skilled service technicians are trained to repair any brand, any model of light or small equipment.

    We offer fast turnaround for light equipment repairs.

    Schedule inspections at regular intervals to spot problems

    • Monitor your undercarriage routinely
    • Don’t delay repairs or replacements on undercarriage components
    • Install CELT to double wear life

    Hills Machinery’s technicians are trained to identify undercarriage problems before major repairs are required. By measuring the thickness of the undercarriage components, our technicians can predict how long your undercarriage will last before replacements are needed. During preventive maintenance service, we include undercarriage evaluations at no charge.

    Undercarriage Maintenance Tips

    Extend the life of your undercarriage by following a few simple rules.

    • Double Wear Life with CELT
      CELT is CASE Extended Life Track that can more than double the wear life of a standard lubricated track design. With CELT, a hardened bushing is placed over a standard type track bushing. With this configuration, the larger bushing is free to rotate on the smaller bushing, reducing the scrubbing action between the bushing and the sprocket, which doubles the wear life.
    • Adjust the track for correct tension
      Loose tracks can detrack. Over-tightening can cause power loss, excessive roller and idler wear, and could tear the tracks. Refer to your operator’s manual for track inspection and tensioning procedures.
    • Use the narrowest shoe possible
      Wider shoes can cause problems maneuvering by sticking out farther and making it more difficult to turn. Wider shoes may be necessary, however, to keep the machine from sinking in extremely wet conditions.
    • Keep the undercarriage clean of mud and debris
      The accumulation of mud and dirt around the undercarriage can interfere with proper operation by changing the pitch, which changes the component engagement and leads to faster wear. Knock away any debris every day after use, then wash the tracks thoroughly with water.
    • Minimize high operating speeds
      Higher speeds cause more wear on the undercarriage. Use the slowest possible operating speed for the job.
    • Alternate the turning direction
      Continuous turning to the same side can cause asymmetrical wear and accelerate wear for sprocket teeth, track tread, guide lugs and roller flanges.
    • Inspect your equipment visually every day for signs of wear
      Check for cracks, bends and breaks on components. Look for wear on bushings, sprockets and rollers. If you see any components that are shiny, there’s probably an alignment problem. Make sure nuts and bolts are not loose, which can cause abnormal wear by interfering with proper movement of parts.
    • Control track spinning when filling the bucket
      Use loader hydraulics to penetrate into the material to reduce track spinning. Unnecessary spinning of the tracks can accelerate wear and cause cuts in the tracks.