Billtrust online credit application

All-New Entirely Online Application Process from Billtrust

Hills Machinery has partnered with Billtrust for a new online credit application system. This update will not only streamline the way we process credit applications but also enhance your overall experience.

This convenient new online credit application provides a secure way for you to submit your information to us from the comfort of wherever you are. With no paper copies to manage or redundant data entry required, we are able to speed up our reviews and get to your approval faster. Here’s how!

  • Simple – The user-friendly form guides you through the completion and e-signing process with ease, alerting you of any missed mandatory fields along the way.
  • Accurate – By obtaining information directly from you and the credit bureaus, the chance of manual data errors by a member of our team is virtually eliminated.
  • Fast – The system’s automated data verification expedites the review process, enabling us to respond to you with a decision sooner.
  • Secure – Our partner, Billtrust, takes security and compliance seriously. Their enterprise cloud services are independently validated, audited, and regularly assessed to ensure they deliver the highest level of security.
  • Transparent – You will be kept informed throughout the process with real-time status updates and reminders, plus be able to monitor and edit your application.

Access the online credit application using the button below and follow the helpful step-by-step instructions to complete, e-sign, and submit it entirely electronically.

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