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Preventive Maintenance

One flat price to maintain your equipment

What’s Included in Preventive Maintenance Packages?
All maintenance procedures that are recommended in your machine operator’s manual are completed at the required intervals.
Genuine OEM parts
All parts are the same quality that originally came in your machine.
Certified Technicians
All services are completed by factory trained technicians.
At Your Convenience
When it’s time for your machine to be serviced, we’ll contact you to arrange a time and location that’s convenient for you.

Why Purchase Preventive Maintenance Packages?
Fixed Pricing
Preventive Maintenance Packages eliminate price uncertainty. Prices are set before repairs begin, and there are no additional mileage charges.
Reduced Hassle
With Preventive Maintenance Packages, you don’t have the hassle of stocking replacement filters or lubricants. Our factory trained technician will come to you with the necessary parts so you can focus on the job at hand.
Record of Repair
All maintenance, repairs, and fluid analyses are documented to maintain warranty compliance and increase resale or trade-in value.

How Long Are Preventive Maintenance Packages?
You choose the term—up to 5 years or 5,000 hours.

Payment Options
Finance It—Add your Preventive Maintenance Package payment to your financing package on your machine. There’s no increase in your down payment requirement.
Charge It—Charge your Preventive Maintenance Package agreement to your Hills Machinery Open Account or to your CNH Revolving Account for your current machines. Ask for details on any current offers. Ask about a credit line increase to accommodate your Preventive Maintenance Package agreements.
Lease It—Add Preventive Maintenance Packages to your lease agreement.

Customize Your Preventive Maintenance Packages
Add any of these features to your Preventive Maintenance Package for added protection.
With the Systemgard lubrication analysis system, samples of fluids are taken periodically from key compartments of your machine. These fluids are analyzed to identify abnormal wear rates, contamination, leakage and other destructive conditions before major damage occurs.
Fleet Management Communications System
By monitoring your equipment remotely, Hills Machinery can schedule service at the necessary intervals. This system allows you to locate equipment, monitor utilization, and receive notifications about equipment whereabouts and unauthorized engine starts.

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