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Purchasing your insurance through Hills Machinery provides several advantages: Financing is available; and Premiums can be financed on your CNH Capital retail contracts and lease agreements.

Easy to Start—Forms are simple, and coverage can start right away.
Guaranteed Premium—Your premiums will not change for the term of your retail contract or lease agreement.
Independent Coverage—Claims made under this policy will not affect a customer’s premium for an existing policy.
Prompt Claim Service—Hills understands the equipment business and offers quick service for claims through our insurance provider.
Replacement Cost Basis—Lost or stolen equipment is valued at the full cost to repair or replace it with equipment of similar type and quality at the time of the loss or damage. Naturally, reimbursement cannot exceed the original purchase price or your actual repair or replacement costs.
Physical Damage Insurance—When the unexpected occurs, you need to know that your equipment is protected. Hills Machinery offers Physical Damage Insurance (PDI), underwritten by a national insurance company, which provides comprehensive coverage to repair or replace your new or used equipment that is lost or damaged due to:
• Collision
• Overturn
• Earthquake
• Theft
• Fire
• Tornado
• Flood
• Vandalism
• Hail
• Wind
• Ingestion of foreign objects
• Vermin infestation

The policy also covers:
• Tires and tubes for the same perils as the rest of the equipment.
• Up to $10,000 per year for clean-up or removal of pollutants caused  by a covered peril.
• Damage to equipment caused by a covered peril that follows a mechanical breakdown.

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