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Fleet Management

• Locate your equipment any time, monitor actual machine hours of operation and unauthorized use
• Reduce costs and increase productivity with maintenance notifications and alerts for equipment problems
• Save on repairs with remote troubleshooting for equipment problems

GPS Fleet Management Systems
GPS Fleet Management systems automatically collect and wirelessly transmit data about your equipment, so you can track its location at all times, monitor the hours of operation and capture machine utilization. All data can be accessed through the internet and integrated into your business systems. You can also allow outside parties to view data for your equipment.

Automatic Maintenance
Hills Machinery can take care of your maintenance needs automatically. We can even troubleshoot problems remotely, so we arrive at your job site with the parts and diagnostic equipment to repair your equipment faster, as long as you have given us access to your equipment data.

Available Data
Machine locator Machine hours Machine utilization Maintenance profiles and notifications Customized management and maintenance reports Set operation boundaries and receive violation reports Set curfews and receive violation alerts

Add a Fleet Management System to Almost Any Machine
Recover your equipment in the event of theft, with LoJack

How LoJack Works
1. Installation—The LoJack unit is hidden in your construction equipment and registered in the LoJack database.
2. Notification—Report the theft to the police to activate the unit. Contact LoJack for additional assistance.
3. Activation—Once your equipment is reported to the police as stolen, a radio signal is sent to the LoJack unit in your equipment. This unit emits a coded signal directly to police.
4. Tracking—The LoJack Police Tracking Computer receives the unit’s signal and leads the police to your equipment.
5. Recovery—Your construction equipment is recovered quickly to minimize downtime.

Air Compressors, Articulated Trucks, Compact Track Loaders, Crawler Tractors/Dozers, Excavators, Generators, Motor Graders, Skid Steer Loaders, Tractor Loader/Backhoes, Wheel Loaders and more

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