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Extended Warranties

What is a Machine Protection Plan?
A Machine Protection Plan extends your Case warranty beyond the period that comes with your equipment. It includes all the genuine Case parts and the service performed by factory trained Case technicians that your original warranty covers.

Why Buy a Machine Protection Plan?
• It protects you against the expense of unexpected repairs.
• Resale value is higher, because the plan can be transferred to the new owner.

What Equipment is Eligible?
Add your Machine Protection Plan to your financing when you purchase new equipment. You can purchase your Machine Protection Plan any time during the warranty period at standard new equipment rates. You can even add Machine Protection Plans up to four months after the base warranty expires. New equipment plans can be transferred to a new owner, and can boost its resale value.

Payment Options
Finance It—Payments can be financed through CNH Capital retail installment contracts.
Charge It—Charge your Machine Protection Plan to your CNH Revolving Account. Ask about a credit line increase to accommodate your payments.
Lease It—Add a Machine Protection Plan to your lease agreement.

Special Rates
Discounts are available on Case Machine Protection Plans when bundledtogether with Case Care Preventative Maintenance Agreements. Ask if your equipment qualifies.

*A surcharge is added to the new equipment rate once the warranty period expires, and failures that occur within the first 30 days after registration are not eligible for reimbursements. Eligible repairs within the first 30 days after registration are reimbursed at 50% of the normal retail cost for parts and labor.

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