Hillls Machinery

Certified Technicians

• Hills Machinery’s technicians are factory trained and certified
• Case provides specialized training for their equipment
• MSHA certified technicians also employed

Our Technicians are Factory Trained
Hills Machinery has extensive training requirements to certify technicians and assure that they are properly equipped to service your machines. Our technicians attend classes at Case’s technical training center in Racine, WI at least twice each year to learn any new diagnostic and service techniques and to understand any changes in manuals or equipment requirements for Case machines. Hills Machinery also employs MSHA certified technicians. They continually remain up to date with all requirements for safety in mining. Our technicians are trained in equipment operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Hills Machinery combines classroom training with on-the-job experience for a thorough understanding of machine maintenance and repair. Safety regulations and procedures are emphasized throughout the training process.

Operator Training
Hills Machinery offers hands-on operator training on- site at your location to assure proper operation is being used with your equipment. When your operators are properly trained, they understand exactly how to run the machines and what the equipment is capable of doing. This knowledge avoids costly mistakes that are common when operators assume a machine can perform a task that it may not have been designed to do. Maintenance routines are also provided. Equipment that is cared for properly operates more efficiently and lasts longer. New equipment often has new capabilities. Operator training assures that they understand all of the bells and whistles on a new machine to maximize its capabilities.

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